PM takes notice of Pattoki firing


Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken notice of the Pattoki firing incident on Saturday.
According to the statement issued by the PM office, the premier has sought a detailed report of the incident from the I.G Punjab over the occurrence.
PM Khan has also directed the authorities to ensure swift and quick justice to the bereaved family. A mother of Sanam Zehra, one of the victims of the target killing incident, had made an appeal to the Prime Minister to take the issue under his observation and ensure that justice is meted out.
The PM’s Office has made contact with the Sanam’s mother and ensured accountability in the case. Earlier, three of a family including a man, his wife, and their child were gunned down in Habibabad area of Punjab’s Pattoki on July 26.
The deceased included Safdar Hussain (35), his wife Sanam Zehra and their five-year-old child. —INP

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