PM struggle to rid country of all vices, says Firdous


Says Sharifs has history of making institutions controversial for self-interest

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Monday said that the vaccination of journalists’ community has been started from Lahore Press Club and its scope will be expanded to other press clubs in the province to help the media persons perform their duty of keeping the people informed safely and securely.

She was talking to the media men at Lahore Press Club (LPC) corona vaccination centre here on Monday. Commissioner Lahore Capt (r) Muhammad Usman was also present on the occasion.

Dr Firdous appreciated the front-line role of the media community in different situations during the corona pandemic.

Besides protecting the lives of the people, the government is also paying attention to their livelihood, she said.

The intensity of the virus has been lessened during Eid holidays but human struggle against this disease continues and the people should maintain social distance while following SOPs, she said.

The Special Assistant pointed out that the Punjab government has always given priority to the journalists’ community in different projects including Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and the media men are also accommodated through journalists support fund and journalists colonies.

She disclosed that efforts for journalists’ colony of LPC are being materialized along with the inclusion of journalists in different projects of public importance.

The SACM criticized the opposition’s role in the wake of the pandemic adding that it is prioritizing temporal political interests over national interests.

She also condemned Israeli barbarity against unarmed Palestinians adding that the Hindutva mindset that did not allow Kashmiris to offer Eid prayer had been fully exposed before the world.

The Pakistan government firmly supports the just struggle of the Kashmiris and Palestinians, she added.

Replying to a question, Dr Firdous said the political future of the Sharif family is bleak and it is astounding that the one who guaranteed the return of a so-called patient from London is now trying to flee the country.

Shehbaz Sharif booked the ticket before the decision of the court, she exclaimed. The government has not done anything wrong as the decision in the public interest are not delayed, she emphasized.

Regrettably, the Sharif family has a history of making institutions controversial to promote its self-interest at the cost of the state.

It is in the knowledge of everybody that the Sharif family has prioritized personal interests over everything including the armed forces.

On the other side, the PTI government is firmly standing with the institutions and the law will continue its course of action against the political culprits, she said.

To another question, the SACM vowed to deal with different sorts of viruses with the power of the law adding that PM Imran Khan will ensure the supremacy of law to rid the country of all such viruses whether political or poultry.