PM Shehbaz, Punjab Governor discuss political situation


Dar blames predecessors for Pakistan’s economic crisis

Governor of Punjab Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman called on Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday.

During the meeting, they discussed the overall political and economic situation in the country.

Earlier, Punjab Governor Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman also held a meeting with Finance Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar in Lahore. During the meeting, current political and economic situation of the country came under discussion.

Ishaq Dar regretted that coalition government inherited a record deficit and huge debt of previous government which led to economic crisis. He said that PML-N government is committed to put the country on the path of development.

Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman said that there will be economic stability in the country soon. Finance Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar on Sunday said the country was dragged towards economic crisis by the previous government [PTI] who caused historic budgetary deficit and obtained huge loans.

In meeting with Punjab governor Muhammad Balighur Rehman, the minister said the PML-N previously pulled the country out of economic problems cum crisis, conducted nuclear tests and put the country on the path of economic progress after overcoming power blackouts.

Speaking on the occasion, the Punjab governor said the entire nation, the premier and the party was looking at him [Da], adding “You and your team will pull the country of economic woes as soon as possible”. “Thanks Allah the country is on the path of economic stability,” Balighur Rehman said. Both the leaders discussed in detail the political and economic situation of the country.