PM launches Rehmatul-Lil Alameen (SAW) scholarship

Sharafat Kazmi 

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Rehmatul-Lil Alameen scholarship programme for intermediate and undergraduate students here on Thursday.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister said the scholarship will be available to all the Pakistanis including non-Muslims.

The Prime Minister said the federal government will annually provide Rs 5.5 billion rupees for 70,000 scholarships.

He said under the scholarship programme a total of 3,50,000 scholarships will be provided in five years at a cost of Rs 28 billion.

The Prime Minister said the provincial governments of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will also separately provide scholarship to the students.

He said the present government is especially focusing on the education sector with the aim that our youth learn from the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood said Rehmatul-Lil Alameen scholarship will be implemented in 129 universities.

He said fifty percent scholarships will be given to the women whilst two percent to the disabled persons.