PM Khan urges OIC to battle Islamophobia

PM Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has advised the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to combat Islamophobia by teaching citizens all over the world about Muslim religious sensitivities. PM Khan speaking to ambassadors from OIC member countries in Islamabad on Tuesday to explore ways to fight Islamophobia and foster interfaith unity, said that concerted efforts are needed to combat the rising tide of radicalism.

He said that marginalization leads to radicalization, and that this vicious spiral continues to give more room to radicals on both sides.

When a terrorist attack happens, he claims that the West vilifies the whole Muslim community, which is completely false. He went on to say,

PM Khan emphasised that extremism, in whatever manner or manifestation, is firmly condemned by Islam and the entire Muslim community. He argued that accusing the whole Muslim Ummah for an individual’s actions is unjustified, and that connecting Islam to terrorism is completely unjustified.

The prime minister informed the envoys that Pakistan had made efforts at international forums to raise consciousness about Islamophobia and the need to combat it collectively.

He said that Pakistan has always encouraged interfaith harmony and mutual understanding. “Falsely equating Islam with radicalism and terrorism was leading to marginalization and stigmatization of Muslims,” he mentioned.

The Prime Minister said that criticism of Islamic beliefs and religious figures had harmed the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslims. He said that comments made by politicians and instances of desecration of the Holy Quran were a result of growing Islamophobia in European countries with large Muslim populations.

He encouraged the OIC to strive closely to help the international community recognise all Muslims’ profound respect and admiration for the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran.

The premier also emphasised the importance of the OIC’s concerted efforts to project the true portrait of Islam and its message of unity and harmony by instituting legislative protections aimed at preserving the sensitivities of all religious communities.

He reiterated Pakistan’s commitment to dialogue and collaboration with all representatives of the international community in order to promote common values such as democracy, mutual interest, and peaceful coexistence among all nations and people.

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