PM Khan says employment programs for youth underway

PM Khan

On Tuesday, PM Imran Khan said that efforts are being made to make the youth population skilled. He mentioned that youth employment services are being implemented, as well as 50,000 scholarships for high-tech studies.

PM Khan said in a letter to the youth on Tuesday that the main challenge facing the country’s youth is finding work. The prime minister stated that government offices are unable to hire additional personnel.

He said that the private sector creates jobs or allows individuals to launch their own enterprises all around the world.

According to the PM, 170,000 scholarships will be awarded for teaching abilities, while 50,000 scholarships will be awarded for high technology. According to him, the government has set aside Rs 100 billion for youth loans.

PM Imran Khan said that if the youth have business plans, loans would be granted on the basis of merit. The youth will stand on their own two feet by beginning their own company.

He said that the government is assisting young people in finding work so that they can help to improve the economy.

He went on to say that every year, plans are made to raise funding for the youth, as well as to bring employment programmes to the youth.

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