PM Khan inaugurates Succession Certificates Initiative for Punjab

PM Khan inaugurates Succession Certificates Initiative for Punjab

PM Imran Khan inaugurated the Punjab Letter of Administration and Succession Certificates Initiative today.

Legal heirs may get succession certificates from the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) within fifteen days under the Letter of Administration and Succession Certificates Act, according to Radio Pakistan.

Addressing the launching ceremony in Islamabad, PM said the government’s goal was to facilitate the people. “A government functions on taxpayers’ money, and under a social contract, it serves the people.”

When such a system begins to deteriorate, he claims, the public begins to serve the government rather than the other way around. He applauded the introduction of succession certificates, claiming that the government does not always have time to consider updating current procedures.

“We are concerned with day-to-day things, we are firefighting and we don’t get the time to upgrade ourselves,” PM Khan said.

The premier also voiced appreciation for the law ministry for working on the certificates despite the “pressures” it was dealing with. “We have complaints that if a file goes to the law ministry, you never find out where it gets lost. Despite this, you have taken time out […] I would like to appreciate [your efforts],” he said.

PM Imran lamented the fact that all government systems had become difficult, which in turn was inconveniencing the public. Talking about succession certificates, the premier said that overseas Pakistanis used to first have to come back to the country. “The entire procedure was a painful ordeal. It should be simple, which we have now accomplished.”

PM Imran said the government should focus on implementing technical improvements in other sectors, noting that information technology has created many “shortcuts.”

He cited the Shaukat Khanum Hospital as an example of a program that was created to make the whole institution paperless.

It was impossible to create fake receipts in such a system, he added, emphasizing that implementing a paperless system eliminated “fraud.”

“Now we are trying to [replicate] this in our government, to bring about e-governance,” he said. The premier said his government was also trying to resolve land issues, pointing out that half of all cases filed in the courts were over land disputes.

PM Khan said that the government was “computerizing land records,” and that all records in Islamabad will be digitized by August.

Commenting on electoral reforms, the premier said that the government wants overseas Pakistanis to vote. “They are such a big asset, the country runs on their remittances. But they are unable to participate in elections.”

He said the government wanted Nadra to introduce a system that was foolproof, adding that electronic voting machines would eliminate rigging. He said whoever wanted to question the result would have to challenge a paper trail in front of the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Former US President Donald Trump tried to challenge the result of the 2020 presidential election, he said. “But he was unable to dispute it because of the use of technology. “We will also try to conduct elections in the same way.”

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