PM Imran’s upcoming Russia visit of great significance: Chinese scholar


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s upcoming official visit to Russia is historic and of great strategic sig-nificance, Cheng Xizhong, Visiting Professor of Southwest University of Political Science and Law and Senior Fellow of the Charhar Institute said on Sunday.

“It is particularly noteworthy that with a gap of 23 years, Russia has invited the Pakistani leader to visit Moscow, which reflected PM Imran Khan’s high-stature and leadership qualities.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has great re-spect to PM Imran Khan and now the voice of Paki-stani leader is always acknowledged at the world level whether it is on regional or international is-sues, which enhances the dignity of Pakistani people and nation”, he said in a statement issued here.

Prof Cheng expounded in his analysis that the strategic significance of this visit is mainly reflected in the following three aspects: First, Pakistan’s in-ternational status has risen significantly, and the great personal charisma of PM Imran Khan has been highly recognized by the international community. In recent years, Pakistan’s diplomacy, focusing on geo-economic strategy, has been very vigorous and successful with commitment to balanced relations among major powers in the world.

Second, Russia and India have had close rela-tions for decades, and Russia has always been the main source of weaponry for the Indian army. As India approaches the United States, Russia increas-ingly attaches importance to developing cooperation with Pakistan in all fields, including defense and security.

This is conducive to the balance of power in the South Asian subcontinent. Third, in the new era, the relationship between China and Russia is “compre-hensive strategic cooperative partnership” and the relationship between China and Pakistan is “all-weather strategic cooperative partnership”.

Therefore, the development of comprehensive cooperative relations between Pakistan and Russia is of global significance and conducive to world peace.—INP


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