PM Imran’s speech falls under contempt of court category: Wahab


Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Advisor for Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the Prime Minister’s speech falls under the category of contempt of court and the Election Commission can take action against anyone who scandalize the Election Commission.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Media Corner of Sindh Assembly Building here today.  He said that this was a clear violation of the Election Act 2017 and the statement of the Prime Minister was contrary to the facts and a clear violation of Article 104 of the Constitution.

He further said that what the Prime Minister had said against the Election Commission was contempt of court. Under the 2017 Act, the Election Commission had judicial powers.  On the orders of the Supreme Court, the Election Commission had made its position clear. People around the Prime Minister were making him make mistakes.  The Prime Minister tried to make the institution controversial.

He said that the Supreme Court had not said open ballot but the Prime Minister was being misinformed.

It was clear from the statement of PTI leaders that the Prime Minister had lost the confidence of Parliament.  This was not the prerogative of the Prime Minister but the prerogative of the President.

Spokesperson of Sindh Government, while answering the questions of the journalists, said that if the President thought that the Prime Minister Imran Khan had lost the confidence of the House, he could ask for a vote again.  Article 19 of the Constitutio

Barrister Murtaza Wahab  said that the National Assembly had been reconvened by the President.  This decision would be made by the President himself if the President deemed  it necessary to convene a meeting.


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