PM Imran launches Ehsaas Education Stipends programme 


ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday formally opened the Ehsaas Education Stipends programme for the deserving households across the country.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony in Islamabad, the premier highlighted that around 20 million children are out of school, adding that the initiative will help bring the out of school children especially the girls to the educational institutions.

He regretted that no attention was paid in the past for the promotion of education.

Emphasizing upon the education of girls to uplift the society, the premier appreciated the officials for offering higher stipend to female students.

He said the use of technology will help ensure transparency and no fake entries in the stipend program, state broadcaster reported.

He was briefed on the countrywide launch of Ehsaas Education Stipends for primary, secondary, and higher secondary education.

Education Conditional Cash Transfers are an important pillar of Ehsaas and are included in the Ehsaas framework as Policy #73 ‘Education Conditional Cash Transfers’.

Education Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) serves the dual purpose of socially assisting vulnerable households and at the same time reduce the number of out of school children, which is an important outcome for Pakistan given that there are 18.7 million out-of-school children in the country.

Briefing the PM on newly rolled out education CCT under Ehsaas, Dr. Sania said, “Primary school children are provided Ehsaas Education Stipends of Rs. 1,500 for boy child and Rs. 2,000 per quarter for girl child.

Secondary school children is granted Ehsaas Education Stipends of Rs. 2,500 for boys and Rs. 3,000 per quarter for girls. Students of higher secondary level are given Rs. 3,500 for boys and Rs. 4,000 per quarter for girls.

The Ehsaas Education Stipends program with higher incentive for girls, will encourage parents to send their children particularly girls to schools.”

A one-time Ehsaas graduation bonus of Rs. 3,000 is part of Ehsaas School Stipend program to encourage girls to complete primary education.

This award is being given to girl students completing Grade 5 from Ehsaas eligible families. The graduation bonus has been designed to encourage girls’ education till secondary level.

The program is operational nationwide in 160 districts. MOUs have been signed with all provinces and federating units to ensure their collaboration, since they are responsible for supply side matters (quality of schools) in this program.

Payments to beneficiaries are made through the new fully biometric payment system, with markedly improved features Under the nationwide Ehsaas Education Stipends program, students aged 4-22 years of all Ehsaas beneficiary families are eligible to get education stipends.

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