PM for fighting hate content



THE hate content being propagated on different social media against Muslims is alarming and yet another mani festation of Islamophobia.

This online hate content is one of the major factors behind increased attacks against the Muslims in western world.

The latest happened in Ontario, Canada, where four members of Pakistani origin family were crushed under the wheels of a truck.

In an interview with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Prime Minister Imran Khan rightly pointed out this dangerous phenomenon, urging the world leaders to crackdown on hate speech and extremism as this divides the humanity.

The PM has consistently and persistently spoken on the issue of Islamophobia. Now his call for stern action against those spreading hate materials on social media has genuine reasons and should be given due attention.

At present a vilification campaign against Muslims is underway on different platforms. Under the garb of freedom of expression, sentiments of Muslims are hurt by attacking sacred personalities of Islam. The conduct of social media platforms is also bigoted.

While twitter account of former US President Donald Trump was suspended when he provoked his supporters for violence after the election defeat, but nothing is ever done when there is incitement against the Muslims.

These double standards must come to an end immediately if we really want peace and stability in the world.

Firstly, social media platforms should not provide any space to hate mongers and their accounts should be immediately blocked.

Secondly and most importantly, western governments need a serious course correction by refraining from steps that creates impression of being biased towards Muslims.

Thus far, Muslims around the world have demonstrated patience on Islamophobic acts and violence, but if pushed to wall, the reaction will come and this will culminate in wider bloodshed engulfing many countries.

For peaceful co-existence, interfaith harmony and tolerance is need of the hour and world leaders must play their due role in this regard before it is too late.


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