PM calls for organized efforts to rehabilitate flood affectees


Announces construction of 100 houses in 2 weeks

Tariq Saeed

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called for coordinated efforts among the Federal government and the provincial governments for the rehabilitation of the flood affectees in the post flooding scenario with particular reference to tackling with the water-borne diseases which were gaining alarming proportion.

“The devastating floods have literally ruined the economy of the country. We have a gigantic task ahead.

The rehabilitation process requires trillions of rupees not billions and all the stakeholders have to work on war footings.

Dealing with the water-borne diseases is yet another big challenge and the provincial governments are required to play their role in this regard”.

The Prime Minister Sharif said while addressing the locals and flood-affected people after reviewing the restoration work at Saggu Bridge in D I Khan Wednesday afternoon.

The Prime Minister on the occasion announced the construction of 100 houses for change as unprecedented floods caused heavy losses to lives and infrastructure.

PM Shehbaz Sharif disclosed that with the assistance provided by a philanthropist, the first 100 prefabricated houses having two rooms and a toilet would be built in Dera Ismail Khan to accommodate widows and orphans in the first phase.

He said the houses would be built in two weeks and he would personally visit the site to assess if the project could be replicated by the government in other parts of the country.

He lauded the politicians, local administration and specially the armed forces for acting in unison while contributing their efforts for the rescue and rehabilitation of the affected people across the country.

He said with the active support of Armed Forces 20 billion rupees were spent on the rehabilitation process in a transparent manner.

Earlier, the prime minister was briefed about the damages incurred to people and infrastructure due to heavy floods and construction of various highways damaged during the floods.

He said it was the responsibility of the federal agencies to facilitate the provincial governments in the construction of highways and other infrastructure.


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