Plunderers are afraid of accountability: Buzdar


Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has regretfully remarked that opposition parties are moving forward with their corruption saving agenda and added that those elements found involved in weakening the foundations of the country will have to account for misdeeds.
In a statement on Sunday, the CM maintained that the nation has not forgotten massive corruption being committed in the previous tenures till now and corrupt elements are not only culprits of the country but also of the nation. He emphasized that those committing loot and plunder of national resources in their previous tenures are afraid of accountability.
CM underscored that the incumbent government under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan is the most transparent government in the history of Pakistan. He censured opposition parties for adopting a different stance on corona pandemic and added that the negative attitude posed by the opposition parties during the current critical situation is highly lamentable and condemnable. He appreciated that Prime Minister Imran Khan took timely collective decisions in order to cope up with coronavirus.
He highlighted that seriously affected areas owing to coronavirus have been sealed so as to impede its spread and further disclosed that positive results are coming to surface due to enforcing implementation on recent restrictions. Usman Buzdar stressed that the safety of citizens lies in implementing SOPs regarding coronavirus and urged that they must wear masks at the time of going out of their houses.
He emphasized that cooperation of citizens is inevitable to curb the spread of coronavirus. He outlined that severely affected areas due to coronavirus will be sealed in future also. He stressed that life can be protected by leading one’s life with precaution. He apprised that corona testing capacity has reached 12 thousand on daily basis and the number of high dependency units have been increased in the hospitals of Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and other cities.
He asserted that indiscriminate action is ongoing against those elements involved in hoarding and selling coronavirus medicines at high rates across the province. The CM warned that shortage of medicines or injections will not be tolerated under any circumstance. He deplored that leaders of opposition parties are the torchbearers of doing negative politics and have caused immense loss to the national solidarity and unity on corona pandemic.
He reprimanded that opposition parties strive to create unrest among the nation on corona pandemic and neither they have soothing heart nor a spirit to serve the distressed humanity. Usman Buzdar condemned that elements which indulged into propaganda by deserting the masses are now bent upon doing oral calculations and those making tall claims are displaying their impractical designs.
The CM commended that Prime Minister Imran Khan took collective decisions with due consultations of all stakeholders with regard to coronavirus. He informed that decisions are taken after reviewing situation arising out of coronavirus on daily basis. He pledged that he will not let decrease in resources regarding protecting lives of the masses and provision of treatment to the patients. CM rebuked that those sitting before a laptop for doing photo session had ruined the health department in their respective tenures.
He regretfully remarked that neither any attention was paid on the conditions of the hospitals nor on the rural or basic health units. CM lamented that such elements remained busy in earning cheap publicity, displaying show off whereas the masses remained deprived of getting quality treatment. He condemned that if opposition parties had taken practical steps for the betterment of health department then they would not have had to go abroad for their treatment. He deplored that doing propaganda politics is the norm of opposition parties and their leftover credibility have also ended due to projecting negative politics. CM urged the opposition leaders to quit point scoring tactics and regain their senses.
CM highlighted that PTI government is fully focused on health care system from the very outset and disclosed that such a robust health care system is being devised where even a common man will be provided quality treatment. ****

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