Plight of Kashmiris



SINCE 1981, the UN General Assembly has adopted an annual resolution on Universal Realization of the Right of Self-Determination that draws international attention to the plight and right of self-determination of peoples subjected to colonial, foreign and alien domination.

However, what has transpired so far is that the UN and its resolution was not meant for Kashmiri people at all but only for East Timor and South Sudan.

Whilst the people of East Timor and South Sudan have got independence, the people of Kashmir, regardless of passage of seventy-five years, still await the realization of the promises made to them at the forum of the United Nations.

There cannot be any bigger injustice and discrimination than the one meted out to oppressed Kashmiris who continue to face all sorts of brutality and oppression at the cruel hands of Indian security forces.

By observing right to self-determination day on Thursday, Pakistan once again reminded the international community of its obligation towards Kashmir dispute.

The oblivion on the part of important capitals has over the years only emboldened the Indian forces to further ramp up its brutalities in the occupied valley.

Just last year, the Indian forces reportedly killed two hundred and forty Kashmiris, fifty seven of them in custody or in fake encounters.

Only last week, four individuals were killed in a fake encounter in Jammu. Their bodies were charred beyond recognition which demonstrates the merciless massacre of Muslims taking place in the valley.

Had such sort of action been perpetrated by a Muslim country against a non-Muslim community, heaven would have fallen by now and that sanctions would have been slapped on that country. It is time to shun duplicity of conduct vis-a-vis human rights.

India must be pressurized for the resolution of this lingering dispute which is also important for durable peace and stability in this part of the world.