Plight of Kashmiris, Palestinians


ZIONIST and Hindutva governments in Israeli and India have no respect whatsoever for the religious rights of Muslims.

Both the extremist governments always resort to evil acts on important occasions to hurt the sentiments of millions of Muslims across the world.

In the latest despicable incidents, the Indian occupation forces disallowed prayers on the blessed occasion of Jumatul Wida and Shab-e-Qadr at historic Jamia Masjid Srinagar and other worship places.

In recent days, the Indian forces have also been engaged in unrelenting and wilful attacks, harassment and intrusive surveillance of Muslim worshippers.

Separately, the Israeli forces also on Friday raided Al-Aqsa mosque compound injuring at least forty two Palestinians.

Over the past two weeks, nearly 300 Palestinians have been injured in violence at the Al-Aqsa compound.

These very actions are a sheer interference in the religious affairs of the oppressed Muslims and gross violation of right to freedom of religion.

Had such acts taken place somewhere else with the non-Muslim community, heaven would have fallen by now and the world community would also have taken the notice and action against it.

It is however appalling that Israel and India have been given free hand and immunity to go ahead with this kind of oppression campaign against the innocent people.

Both the occupying forces have made life of Kashmiris and Palestinians miserable but unfortunately nobody is giving any ears to their cries.

We really salute the resilience and courage of the Kashmiri and Palestinian people for standing firm in their legitimate struggle for right to self-determination.

No amount of repression is shaking their resolve for independence. Pakistan has always been at the forefront in highlighting the plight of Kashmiri and Palestinian people but it is also for other Muslim rulers, especially those in the Gulf to raise a strong voice for resolution of these outstanding disputes.

In his message on Al-Quds day, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also emphasized for resolution of the two disputes saying it is important for durable peace and stability.

Justice warrants that those committing crimes against humanity in these occupied territories must be tried for war crimes.