Plan devised to check overcharging, overloading on Eid


Traffic police has announced a crackdown on transport owners involved in overcharging and overloading during Eid holidays.

Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Lahore Muntazir Mehdi said thousands of people leave the provincial capital for their hometowns to attend Eid festivities with their loved ones.

It is unfortunate that greedy transport owners exploit them, he said. Mehdi said police have devised a comprehensive plan this year to stop the exploitation. He announced deployment of at least 84 wardens at 10 major bus stations at Lorry Adda, Badamibagh, Babu Sabu, Niazi Chowk, Thokar Niaz Beg, Shahdara Chowk, Begum Kot Chowk, Gajjumatta and others.

The traffic police has also issued directions to the transport owners to fix fare details at a prominent place in vehicles.

Those charging high fares from the commuters deserve no concession; the CTO said and asked all the circle officers to hold a meeting with the transporter owners in their respective areas.

He announced impounding of vehicles found involved in overcharging or overloading.

Police are taking measures against overloading to ensure a safe journey; Mehdi said and added that extra police personnel have been deployed on entry and exit points of the City also.

He requested people to call at Police Helpline 15 in case of any help or complaint.

He said action will also be taken against those who overload their buses.

He said transport owners and drivers are required to charge fixed fare and fix fare list at a prominent place of a vehicle.

The CTO said vehicles should be impounded at police stations if their owners were found involved in overcharging and overloading.

Traffic teams have been deployed at 10 places to check overcharging and overloading.