PINS organises refresher courses for nurses

Staff Reporter

The Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PINS) organized refresher courses to enhance professional prowess of nurses and nurses serving in various departments participated in the courses.

PINS Executive Director Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood while talking in this regard, said that for the first time any Institution has conducted refresher courses for the nursing community which is very welcome step.

He said that the role of doctors as well as nurses is very important in the treatment of patients so it is very vital to update the medical knowledge of women in the field of nursing.

He said that in a unique institution like PINS, the importance of nurses is doubled as they have to take care of patients suffering from neuro illness.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood congratulated Nursing Superintendent of PINS, Razia Shamim on conducting this refresher course and expressed hope that such courses would continue in future as well which would further enhance the quality of the institution.

Talking about refresher courses for nurses, Nursing Superintendent Razia Shamim told that in these courses, nurses were taught about good manners towards patients, good atmosphere and patient friendly environment in PINS and special training sessions have been held.

She told that nurses have been given hands-on training on various aspects of record keeping, charting of drugs, service delivery to patients and patient care which will enhance their “skills” and our nursing community, especially in the Punjab Institute of Neurosciences, will be able to provide better services.