Pindi’s restaurants reject 11:30 p.m. deadline


Restaurants in the garrison city have rejected the deadline for closing food outlets by 11:30 in the name of saving electricity and warned retaliation if they were forced to close by the deadline.

The Punjab Government last week notified the timetable for closing shopping malls, bakeries, godowns, warehouses and private offices at 9pm. The closing time for restaurants, cinemas, clubs, and circuses was notified as 11:30pm.

Moreover, the provincial governments made it mandatory for those outlets supposed to be closed at 9pm to observe the weekly holiday either on Friday or Sunday. The restaurants, cinemas and clubs however were exempted from the weekly holiday.

President All Rawalpindi Restaurants Association Mohammad Farooq Chaudhry rejected the said timeframe and warned to lodge a protest in case the respective authorities would impose fine on any restaurant over non-compliance.

He said that the government had allowed takeaway service even during the lockdown of Covid-19.

He further said that the restaurants have decided to substantially reduce electricity consumption and they switched off unnecessary lights, sign boards etc to save electricity.He proposed that the eateries should allow takeaway till mid-night and 30 minutes should be given to the restaurants after the closing time for winding up.