Pindi’s bakers concerned over unchecked hike in tariff


President All Pakistan Restaurant Joint Action Committee Muhammad Farooq Chaudhry and Chairman Mumtaz Ahmed have expressed concern over the rising inflation across the country and said while the ruling class was busy in their spending, the common man and the business community were left to suffer as a result of hike in prices and gas tariff.

While addressing the media on Sunday, Chaudhry Farooq said inflation was grinding the common man. It has become nearly impossible for the poor people to eat bread twice a day, while the business of the business community and especially those related to the food industry has been destroyed.

Similarly, the prices of pulses, rice and other food items are skyrocketing and there is severe shortage of gas across the country, he said adding the restaurant, hotel and bakery owners were forced to buy LPG cylinders at high prices.

We have made demands several times to reconsider the hike in tariff but the Sui Gas department is unable to provide LPG cylinders, there is a wave of concern among the people and the business community due to the increasing inflation in the country, said Mumtaz Ahmed while addressing the media.They demanded action on an emergency basis, otherwise “The poor people would be forced into starvation and the business community will be forced to go on strike.”