Pindi to have four new dams for irrigating 4,500 acres of land


The garrison city of Rawalpindi with increasing urbanization and mounting water crisis in the metropolis would finally get four new dams to irrigate 4,500 acres of land in the Potohar region and end its longstanding water scarcity issue.

The water reservoirs would help meet the drinking and irrigation needs of the otherwise arid areas, an official of the Ministry of Water Resources said.

The official said that the four dams would be constructed in Rawalpindi district including Daduchha Dam, Papin Dam, Mahutta Dam, and Mujahid Dam.

The construction cost of the dams including Daduchha Dam is Rs 6 billion, Papin Dam Rs5 billion, Mujahid Dam, and Mahuta Mohra Dam Rs2 billion, he said.

Furthermore, he said the government was expected to invest around Rs2.5 billion on Pindori Dam in Jhelum and Rs1.5 billion on Dharabi Dam in Chakwal district to irrigate around 6,400 acres of land that would boost agriculture in the region.

He went on to mention that the water scarcity issue was increasing with every passing day which became a nuisance for the authorities, however, these dams were killing two birds with one stone, as addressing clean drinking water crisis, irrigation water needs, and agriculture promotion all under one concerted effort.

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