PHP arrests 5,391 accused in 2022


Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) police have conducted operations against criminals and arrested 5,391 accused and registered 7,100 cases during the last year, 2022. According to the PHP spokesperson, the annual performance report of Patrolling Police Multan region has been released in which 212 cases of illegal weapons, 134 of drugs, 4,660 of bogus number plates, overspeeding, and 672 of other crimes were got registered.

Likewise, 17 Kalashnikovs, six modern rifles, 24 twelve-bore guns, 146 pistols, 1,232 bullets, 9,253 liters of wine, 40.178 kilograms of hashish, and 4.911 kilograms of opium were recovered.

Apart from this, 174 proclaimed offenders including 12 of A category, 162 of B category, and 154 court absconders were arrested. Some 470 people were provided with various types of medical assistance on roads; 150 missing kids were reunited with parents; and 12,493 people were provided with various types of assistance on roads. SSP Patrolling Jalil Imran Khan Ghalezai said that the safety of lives and properties of the masses was the top priority of police.