PHC lifts ban on TikTok

Tariq Saeed

The Peshawar High Court on Thursday allowed the government to unblock TikTok, a video streaming application popular among youth, in Pakistan following which the government haslifted a ban on China-based ByteDance’s app TikTok.

On March 12, the Peshawar High Court’s had directed the state-run telecommunication authority to “immediately block access” to the short-form video-sharing service.

The court directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to block the app “until and unless some mechanism is devised to filter the material which is immoral and indecent and goes against our norms and ethics.”

The Peshawar High Court Peshawar later made it clear the ban onvideo sharing TikTok

will remain intact till the removal of immoral content “The ban will remain in place until a mechanism to monitor “immoral, vulgar, indecent, objectionable and lewd material on the application is devised”.

The PHC had ordered on March 16 last. However, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority — which confirmed the lifting of the ban — also issued a stern warning to TikTok against “vulgar and objectionable content”, which it was told to remove.