PHC halts serological tests for corona across Punjab


The Punjab Healthcare Commission on Thursday has directed all the laboratories of the province not to conduct serological tests for diagnosing the Covid-19, which is to be done only with the PCR testing.
In a letter issued to administrations of all the laboratories, across Punjab, they have been further directed to use CE/FDA approved testing kits only. They have also been instructed to conduct PCR tests only for diagnosing the novel coronavirus, which are to be done at the PHC’s approved labs for the Covid-19 testing.
However, the serological tests (ELISA) can be conducted only for estimation of the disease stage (acute, early and convalescent) in combination with the PCR testing for potential donors whose PCR tests have been negative for more than once. All laboratories, intending to start serological tests (ELISA) as per directions, must apply to the PHC for prior approval.
Moreover, the labs should submit the details of equipment and kits to be used, at the time of submission of application for approval to the commission. The serological tests will only be on the prescription of treating consultant, and the labs will keep the record of all these prescriptions, and PHC will verify the record during visits by its teams. Also, the results of these tests can be used in the research proposal as and when approved by the Corona Experts Advisory Group.