PHA chases ghost employees


PHA Chairman Yasir Gilani has said that no negligence would be tolerated in the care of flowers, plants, trees and green belts planted in parks and main highways across the city and new plants planted in tree planting.
According to details, a meeting of all horticulture and project directors was held at PHA Headquarters, Jilani Park. The meeting was chaired by PHA Chairman Yasir Gilani. The meeting directed all the horticulture directors to prepare for monsoon tree planting from now on.
And without tree care, the target cannot be achieved, he said, adding that SOPs should be strictly enforced in all major and minor parks across the city. PHA Vice Chairman Hafiz Zeeshan Rasheed said that parks and green belts should be cleaned. Morning and evening watering system should be made effective and horticulture directors for monsoon tree planting should ensure cultivation of flowers, plants and trees in nurseries.
In the meeting, PHA DG Tariq Ali Basra said that ghost employees in PHA would not be tolerated at all. All horticulture directors should immediately check and report ghost employees who do not come to work in their zones. Tariq Ali Basra further said that action would be taken against the concerned director and the ghost employee for disclosure of ghost employees in accordance with the constitution and law.
All the directors will submit weekly reports of all the work done in their zones to the headquarters. He further said that action should be taken against those violating SOPs in parks and offices.