Petroleum, sugar and cooking oil rates fall in Kabul


Prices of petroleum products, sugar and cooking oil in Kabul declined while the Arabian gold rate increased in Kabul this weekend.

A worker of the Ahmad Yar Group Petrol Station told local media on Saturday the price of one litre of petrol fell to 80afs from last week’s 92afs and the same quantity of die-sel to 71afs from 75afs.

Mohammad Sharif, a gas seller in the Kalola Pushta area of Kabul said the price of one kilogram of gas gell from last week’s price of 88 afs to 85 afs.

Zmarai Safi, head of the Food Traders’ Association, said the wholesale price of a 49-kilogram bag of Indian sugar declined from last week’s 3,500 afs to 3,300 afs and a 16-litre cane of Malaysian cooking oil from 2,850 afs to 2,700 afs. Zmarai said the reason behind the price decrease was a surge in imports of these commodities and the resultant fall in demand.He, however, said the whole-sale price of a 49-kilogram sack of Kazakh flour stood unchanged at 2,400afs, a 24-kilogram bag of Pakistani rice at 2,500afs, one kilogram of Indonesian green tea at 430afs and the same quantity of African black tea at 440afs.Retail prices of some com-modities varied. Retailer Hamid Sufizada in Dahna-i-Bagh area said the retail price of a 49-kilogram bag of Ka-zakh flour was 2,450afs, a 24-kilogram sack of Pakistani rice 2,550afs, a 49-kilogram bag of Indian sugar 2,450afs, a16-litre cane of Malaysian cook-ing oil 2,750afs, one kilogram of Indonesian green tea 430afs, and one kilogram of African black tea 240afs.

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