Performance held at ACP by Lithuanian theater group MMLAB


Two short theater plays “Dance for Washing Machine and a Mother” and “Dance for an Object and Child” presented in Auditorium I with the joint cooperation of Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi and Karachi Drama Circle. In which the Lithuanian group MMLAB gave an outstanding performance. The play is about the relationship with an idea of a child, with a dance, and the creative process when one is in quest of a meaning, of truthfulness, as well as attempts to survive the daily routine of creation and life.

The authors of the play raise questions about unquestionable norms with regards to having children, expecting them, giving birth, as well as not wanting or not being able to have children. All of us one way or another face the issue of having a child, and no matter what is our decision we feel obliged to justify it. In “Dance for Washing Machine and a Mother” Greta Grineviciute gave an excellent performance while “Dance for an Object and Child” was directed by Sohail Malik and composed by Emad Rehman in which Malik Abdul Ghani, Zashane Malik, Sheryle John, Tayyaba Khan showed the essence of excellent acting. It should be noted that the drama will continue till March 16, 2023 at arts council of Pakistan Karachi.