PepsiCo, WWF-Pakistan to launch water stewardship project

Staff Reporter


PepsiCo joined hands with WWF-Pakistan to invest PKR 160 million in a community water stewardship project with the aim for groundwater replenishment of 343 million liters at local watersheds near their Foods manufacturing plants by 2023.

The project launch was announced during the cli-mate week with a Memorandum of Understand-ing (MoU) signing ceremony between PepsiCo and WWF-Pakistan.

Under this partnership, PepsiCo has pledged to re-plenish more water than the company uses in its Foods operations through numerous initiatives in-cluding rainwater harvesting, floating treatment wetlands, and agricultural water-usage efficiency improvement.

The signing of this MoU recognizes that water con-servation and replenishment is critical for tack-ling climate change-related water scarcity in Paki-stan. The PepsiCo-WWF Pakistan collaboration on water stewardship is also consistent with PepsiCo’s global ambition for becoming net water-positive by 2030 in high water-risk sites.

PepsiCo through its partnership with WWF-Pakistan will implement various water replenish-ment tech-niques at its manufacturing sites for bal-ancing the percentage use of freshwater.

The project will also raise awareness among local communities on rain-water conservation, re-usability of con-served water for secondary purposes, and groundwater replen-ishment.

During the MoU signing ceremony, PepsiCo Paki-stan, Director Sales Mr. Mohammad Khosa shared his views, “Water scarcity is correlated with the escalating climate crisis and we have doubled down on our commitments to tackle climate change through water stewardship in our operations.

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