People’s Daily Dy Editor-in-Chief’s tremendous speech at Asia Media Worskhop


Salahuddin Haider in Chengdu, Western China

How deep impression the Asia Media Workshop, organized by the Peoples Daily left on me, and I am quite sure on many others, words or vocabulary will fail to express it in real terms. It was enormous exercise and the result was astounding. Nearly 100 print and electronic media person invited from over two dozen countries had openly aired their views about China, its role for world peace, its one Belt, One Road strategy, a new concept to bridge the gap between haves and have nots were lauded without reservations.
Proceedings at the round table conference were obviously in Chinese, but earphones were provided to all and sundry to listen to translations in English, and French as well. The three-member contingent from Pakistan lend their support to the hosts, lauding their support to China in defence, economic welfare, people to people contact, and in many more different segments of the society.
The fact that it lasted for more than three hours, is laudable itself but the free and frank discussion, without any reservations from moderator Hu Xijin, Editor-in-Chief of Global Times, China and his female aide, the smiles with which they accepted different viewpoints, need to be commended, and I want to go on record here to appreciate their performance, tolerance and conviction to cause for which this massive conference was organized The purpose was achieved beyond expectation.
Launching it before august assembly Fang Jiangshatn, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, of Peoples Daily was happy to note that this session was rightly called 10-3 Media Cooperation Forum, for apart from the ASEAN states, Japan and Korea, plus a third country too was part of it now. That showed its success and importance. The exercise is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, which in itself was a handsome tribute to the exercise undertaken in the start. It has grown tremendously in size, and is bound to help remove misunderstandings, reduce tensions and conflicts, and contribute to world peace. It had built powerful and strong hope for the future.
China has grown enormously in communication system, from a modest fleet of 31 trains; it has now 1000 train, running through the length and breadth of the county. Past 70 years, poverty alleviation has registered roaring success. China has traveled long distance, yet lot more remains to be done. The road is long and arduous but had to be trekked. In this context the role of President X JI Pin and the Communist party of China need to be appreciated. He added that China has always opened its doors to construction, was committed to peace and progress. It is trying to develop its space science, inter-connectivity, and inject new dynamism in future.
In this contest role of media can not be overemphasized, for it can bridge the gap, dividing world in thinking. Conflict resolutions have to be found. Media must realize its obligations, and optimism has to be relied upon. Then came a long list of speakers, like Gan Lin, member of the standing community and the head of the Publicity Department, Communist party of China, Sichuan provincial committee, Cao Ging, Deputy Secretary General, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat, Gong XIXiang, Secretary General and Head of General Office, xInhua News Agency, Lee Huay Leng, Head, Chinese Media Group, Singapoe Press Holdings Ltd, Singapore, KO KO, Chairman Yangon Media Group Myanmar, Thongfor Duangsavanah, Director General, Lao Press in Foreign Language, Laos, Hua Guo, Director General, External Relations, Department of Peoples Daila, China. The round table conference discussion took place after tea break, Discussions were lively and enlightening, broadening the horizon of many of those less fortunate to be at such discussions of multiple viewpoints.
But what impressed me most was the warmth and enormous courtesy displayed by the Deputy Editor in Chief Fang Jiangf Shatn, who after proposing a toast, went round numerous number tables to propose toasts with them individually. The exercise was cumbersome but he was a real soul, a tremendous human being. Setting aside personal comfort for honors and dignity to others. That was something for big wigs around the word to learn
In all fairness, and without any ioata of doubt or exaggeration. It was a memorable event. I wish to go on record for I had learnt something myself how personal conduct should be. The conference was just for three hours, but the invitees from across the vast Asian continent, had a great opportunity to meet and exchange views, win new friends. That in itself was a massive reward for which Peoples Daily deserves more than just appreciation. They had a yeomen job, and all praise for them. Guests were taken to irrigation system railway port project for Cjengdu is which is now expanding to all four corners and may soon elevate itself from fourth biggest city of China to something worth remembering.