People will lose trust | By Attiya Munawer


People will lose trust


The tongues of government ministers are blazing, the names of rivals are being tarnished, allegations of buying and selling are being made and they are being threatened.

Moreover, the shelling by the opposition is increasing, women are being dragged beyond the bounds of literature in politics, the country’s economy is under pressure and uncertainty and unrest are increasing.

There is a storm of inflation that is raging, the law and order situation is deteriorating but instead of resolving public issues, the political leadership is at odds with each other as if they are not citizens of one country, but the armies of enemy countries are facing each other and no one is ready to listen to the adherence to the code of conduct in politics, the constitutional and moral boundaries are being crossed to take precedence over each other.

The people will have to bear the brunt of the growing turmoil in politics along with democracy.

There is no doubt that democracy and the people will suffer the most from the advancing confrontation in politics.

Even before this, in the political confrontation, democracy was replaced by dictatorship and the people endured dictatorial system for a long time.

While the political leadership has been enjoying power under the umbrella of dictatorship, the political leadership used slogans of democracy to fool the people as much as it wanted, but it has been responsible for weakening democracy itself.

All confrontation in politics is not for democracy and the people, it is for gaining power while the fate of the people is written to be humiliated and disgraced.

It is a fact that the people have tried to change their lives by rejecting and handing over power to a new leadership but what this new leadership has done in the last three and a half years and what it is saying now is not going to benefit the people.

Yet the Prime Minister is adamant that as much progress has been made in the country, so much progress will be made in the last year of the government.

The Prime Minister does not know what kind of development he is talking about?Only inflation, unemployment and unrest have developed in the country.Will such development continue for another year?

This is not a joke, on the one hand the people of the country are worried and the Prime Minister is claiming to hunt rats instead of alleviating the worries of the people.There is no denying that the winds are also changing with the flow of domestic politics.

This can be gauged from the change in the nests of seasonal birds.The Prime Minister is right in saying that morality is being bought with stolen money.

Earlier, a plane full of sold consciences was also put in his footsteps, this time a campaign of confidence is being run on someone else with someone else’s money.If conscience is being bought, then who is being bought?

These are the same people who came to PTI to sell their conscience but they have been declared champions of democracy.Those who patronize the filthy system in politics should be stopped now.

How long will those who have defeated the people and kept their heads tied with success continue to play this game?

In this no-confidence motion, the defeat of the government and the opposition is of no importance.The real defeat will be for the people.

—The writer is a regular columnist, based in Lahore.


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