People urge govt to tackle crimes


Residents of Kabul ex-pressed concerns over the surge in criminal activity in various parts of the city and urged the government to take the necessary steps to counter the criminal issues.

“The insecurity is on a high-level all over Kabul. I live in Darul Aman and I can’t leave home after 6:00pm because of insecurity,” said Mohammad Ameen, a resi-dent.

“We call on the Islamic Emir-ate to hold the robbers ac-countable,” said Agha Gul, another resident.

The Kabul security depart-ment said that over 90 people were arrested on charges of murder, kidnapping, and rob-bery.

“We will not hold back from any kind of effort to ensure security for you (people). We assure you that we will help you and in return ask for your help too,” said Mawllavi Kam-ran, head of the criminal in-vestigation of Kabul.

However, he said that the rate of criminal acts has signifi-cantly dropped. Experts called poverty one of the main reasons for the rise of criminal activity.

“To prevent criminal activity and the recruitment of youth by militant groups there should be proper investment and job opportunities,” said Sadiq Shinwari, a military ana-lyst.
The officials urged the people to assist the government in the prevention of crimes.

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