People leave Lahore to celebrate Eid at home towns


Thousands of people left here for their home-towns to celebrate Eid-ul-Azha. A large number of people was observed at local bus stations and railway station from where people would go to their native towns.

Khalid Ameen,a passenger at the Lahore Railway Station told that he and his family were going to Narowal to celebrate Eid with his parents. Waqas, another passenger said only two trains were available for his home-town, so he was worried how he would be able to travel with his wife and two children.

Whereas, transporters were charging double fare which irked passengers but they had no choice as no authority was available to protect rights of passengers. Shaheen, a commuter works here in an office, said he was going to Faisalabad but buses were so over-loaded that he was unable to travel.

On the other hand large number of people thronged the Lahore railway station to travel to their hometowns to celebrate Eid with their families. There were long queues of people at the reservation office for tickets, while strict security arrangements had been made by the railway police for the safety of the passengers.

There was a rush of men, women and children trav-eling from Lahore railway station to other cities ahead of the Eid holidays. Special trains are also being run by the railway administration to enable maximum people to go to their home areas for the occasion. Passengers were allowed to enter the station only through walk-through gates after checking with metal detectors. Suspicious individuals and unattended goods were monitored with the help of closed-circuit cameras and each passenger was thoroughly checked before entering the station. Eid Al-Adha, the “Islamic Festival of Sacrifice,” is fast approaching and cattle markets are flooded with sacrificial animals. The makeshift animal markets have been set up at nearly a dozen points in the city, mostly in areas near the Ring Road.

The biggest sale-and-purchase point is the main cattle market that the City District Government has set up in Lahore. The site attracts sellers from every corner of the country, especially the southern districts of Punjab, since it is one of the closest and most lucrative places where they can sell animals at a profitable rate.


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