People fed up of PDM tactics: Musarat


Spokesperson to CM and Punjab government Musarat Jamsheed Cheema said that after every couple of days an effort is being made to enliven the matter of the watch adding that Chairman PTI Imran Khan bought the watch after making its payment and also mentioned in his tax returns. In spite of this if the PDM gang wants to carry on with their obstinacy then they can take public opinion about it because the masses have become fed up of their cheap tactics. Musarat Jamsheed Cheema in her rebuttal to the statement of Sindh Information Minister stated that the PPP Sindh government has become a dangerous virus for the masses and all areas of Sindh are depicting a picture of the ruins of ancient Mohenjo-Daro.

The Sindh Information Minister should apprise as which steps are being taken for the rehabilitation and restoration of the flood affectees of Sindh as PPP is notorious for devouring financial aid amount.

She said that the people of province are fully satisfied with the performance of Chief Minister Punjab. The Punjab government allocated Rs.20 billion package for the rehabilitation of flood affectees.

The restoration and extension of health cards is being done across the province. The scope of Rescuee-1122 has been extended up to tehsils from districts and Rescue motorcycle service is being launched in 27 districts of Punjab.

The Punjab government has launched Ehsas Ration Programme for the deserving persons. She apprised that free medicines are being provided in the emergency wards while there is an acute shortage of cancer, sugar and fatal diseases medicines in the government hospitals of Sindh.

The people of Sindh are facing difficulties and the Information Minister is presenting a false picture. Mice have eaten away billions of rupees wheat in Sindh and the government is making a false propaganda of good governance.

Peoples Party ruling in Sindh for the past two decades have made the people penniless and in order to perpetuate their government they have thrown the people into the quagmire of problems. PPP on the one hand is confessing that dire economic conditions are prevailing in the country but on the other hand is also clinging to power.