Pedophile with links to ‘international racket’ arrested


Staff Reporter


Police on Tuesday arrested and registered a case against a man accused of abducting, sexually assaulting and filming a minor.
According to the fist information report (FIR) registered on the complainant of the child’s mother, the victim was selling kahwa in Bahria Town last month when the suspect approached him, forced him into his car and took him to his home.
The suspect, as per the content of the FIR, kept the child abducted at his home for four days, during which time he forced him to consume drugs and subjected him to sexual assaults, while also filming him.
The minor’s mother said that the child, upon returning home, was quiet and appeared frightened for the next 15 days. He finally disclosed his ordeal upon the mother’s insistence. The police, after registering the FIR, arrested the suspect and said that he has already confessed of the crime among others.
The Rawalpindi Police, in a series of tweets posted on their Twitter account, said that the suspect is also affiliated with an international child pornography racket. The police said that the suspect was also deported from the UK after being convicted of child sexual abuse, and referred to him as the ringleader of ‘international dark web’.

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