Peace in South Asia linked to resolution of Kashmir: Mushaal


The Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organization (PCO), Mushaal Hussein Mullick, has said that the world community must realize that peace in South Asia is not possible without resolving the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the Kashmiris’ aspirations.

Mushaal, who is wife of illegally detained Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Yasin Malik, said this while addressing a ceremony organized by the Islamabad Bar Council.

The PCO Chairperson referring to the situation in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) said that there was a region in the world where humans were being treated worse than animals. She said pellet guns, which were prohibited to be used even on animals, were also used on Kashmiris by the Indian forces’ personnel.

Mushaal deplored that the UN, which championed the human rights worldwide, was unfortunately completely silent on the violation of human rights in IIOJK. She pointed out that disrespecting women in occupied Kashmir was a daily practice of the Indian army.The PCO Chairperson said humanity was being humiliated in the occupied territory for decades as lacs of Kashmiris had been martyred by the Indian army, and IIOJK had turned into the biggest prison in the world. She said thousands of women had been widowed and children became orphans due to the killing spree unleashed by the Indian forces in the territory.Mushaal said India was attempting to change the demographic composition of IIOJK and robbing the Kashmiris of their land to make them financially weak.