PDM destined to evaporate: Firdous

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Tuesday said the opposition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) alliance is unable to decide about resignations even after six months.

The SACM took to Twitter and termed the alliance as a group of the corrupt. “Opportunist and corrupt godfathers having ugly political faces talk about taking the country out of crises,” she added.

Firdous Ashiq said that every member of PDM wants to control the alliance by proving themselves as the biggest leader.

Imran Khan will remain the prime minister until 2023 regardless of PDM’s long march and resignations, she stressed.

The special assistant to CM said the PDM is about to evaporate soon as the PPP has distanced itself from this cabal and Zardari has openly asked Nawaz Sharif to return.
Dr Firdous said the PDM’s long march will be the last nail in the political funeral.

PDM was being held hostage by political minors while Zardari used them like tissue papers and threw them into the political dustbin, she said.

The special assistant said Maryam Nawaz, daughter of the fugitive, has fell victim to her brute arrogance.

The SACM reminded her that Nawaz Sharif also took over the PML-N by stabbing in the back of party president Muhammad Khan Junego.

The three-time prime minister, who calls himself the son of the soil, is not ready to return, she deplored.

The SACM further said the opposition is not sincere with Pakistan and its purpose is to safeguard its interests.

They consider Pakistan as a graveyard for burying the dead while enjoying a luxurious life in foreign countries. They send dead bodies back to Pakistan through cargo.

She asked Maulana to resign from the presidency of PDM to fulfil the wishes of the fake princess.

Meanwhile, the first regular meeting of the Board of Management of the Punjab Institute of Neurosciences was held on Tuesday in which the members of the board unanimously agreed to elect Prof. Dr. Anjum Habib Vohra the former Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute, Ameer Uddin Medical College & Lahore General Hospital as the Chairman of the Board of Management PINS.

Neurosurgeon Prof. Dr. Anjum Habib Vohra is the first Principal of these institutes and retired from Grade 21.

It is noteworthy that he does not need any introduction in the field of Neurosurgery and Medical and he has extensive experience and high reputation in the field of Management besides Medical.

After this election, ED PINS Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood gave a detailed briefing to the newly elected Chairman Prof. Anjum Habib and Members of BoM on the working and performance of the Institute.

He told with reference to the modern treatment of the Neuro patients and modern techniques being used in this Institution.

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