Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has decided to scrap the Pakistan Junior League competition after just one season.

The decision to do away with the nascent league was reportedly taken after a meeting of the PCB’s managing committee, led by Najam Sethi. It is another seismic decision taken by the newly formed committee after the ousting of Ramiz Raja, the sacking of chief selectors and the reintroduction of the 2014 PCB constitution.

Pakistan Junior League reportedly left PCB in a financial hole during the two-week tournament which took place from October 6th to 21st 2022.

Contrastingly, the move can also be viewed as the management committee erasing every trace of Ramiz Raja’s influence over the governing body as many saw PJL as his brainchild and a pet project.

The league, which featured U19 players from all over the world, was supposed to groom the next batch of heroes to wear the green shirts in the future. With that now over, PCB plans to “revive junior series on a home and away basis” to look for new talent.

A PCB statement said: “The PCB Management Committee agreed to discontinue the Pakistan Junior League. However, to ensure there is a pathway for the high-performing teenagers and the country continues to produce talented cricketers across all age gaps, it was agreed to revive junior series on a home-and-away basis.”

“It was also agreed to hold discussions with the HBL Pakistan Super League franchises to include an Under-19 player under their Emerging Categories in the playing line-ups.”

Bahawalpur Royals won the first and last PJL tournament.