PBC pensioners gets 10% increase in pension through Ombudsman


Due to the intervention of Federal Ombudsman, the Radio Pakistan pensioners have got 10% increase in their pensions.

According to a press release issued here on Sunday, more than 50 pensioners of Radio Pakistan had filed complaints with the Federal Ombudsman for their failure to get 10% increase in their pensions, which was allowed by the Federal Government in April, 2022.

During hearing proceedings, the representative of Radio Pakistan informed that the funds allocated by the Finance Division were insufficient to meet the pensioners demand.

The Ombudsman gave verdict in favour of the complainants and directed the management of Radio Pakistan to arrange funds at earliest and increase the pension of the complainants within 30 days.

Finally, with the efforts of Consultant Implementation Pervez Halim Rajput, the PBC management has endorsed the 10% increase in the pension of Radio Pakistan employees’ along with arrears.

The pensioners of Radio Pakistan have thanked the Federal Ombudsman for timely intervention to resolve their grievances.


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