Patras Bukhari remembered



A renowned great humorist, writer, broadcaster and diplomat served as the first Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations Syed Ahmed Shah, commonly known as Patras Bokhari was remembered on his 61st death anniversary today (Dec 5). An educationist, man of letters, a diplomat and one of the most renowned writer of Pakistan Patras Bukhari was born in 1898 in Peshawar into a Kashmiri family (which migrated from Baramulla). Bokhari received his early education in the city of his birth and in 1916 moved from Islamia College Peshawar to attend Government College, Lahore. After completing his Masters in English he was appointed as lecturer at the same institution. In 1922, he took his MA in English after just one year’s study and stood first, after which he was appointed lecturer at the College.—APP


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