PA’s dissolution



IT is really unfortunate that our political leaders take the decisions keeping in view their petty political interests instead that of the country and the common man.

Just hours after regaining the confidence of a majority of lawmakers in Punjab Assembly, Chief Minister Chaudhry Parvez Elahi on Thursday formally advised the Governor to dissolve the provincial legislature.

A decision to dissolve the assembly was taken during a meeting between Parvez Elahi and PTI Chairman Imran Khan at the latter’s Zaman Park residence, with senior party leaders in presence.

We have no doubt in saying that Parvez Elahi who is a seasoned and veteran politician would have taken the decision under compulsion.

Otherwise, he is on record saying that the present assembly must function till March as he wanted the completion of ongoing projects in the province.

He is also on record saying that majority members of provincial assembly do not want dissolution.

Hence, we understand that this was the solo decision on the part of PTI Chairman Imran Khan who wants immediate dissolution of both Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assemblies to pressurize the federal government to call snap elections.

In these columns we have always supported the completion of the terms of assemblies. The last three assemblies completed their mandated period and this continuity must continue for the sake of strengthening the foundations of democracy in the country.

The PTI Chairman has played a political move and only time will tell whether or not his decision was right but the price of it will definitely be paid by none other than the common man.

We say so because already we are faced with tough economic situation with prices of essential commodities touching new levels each passing day.

The very decision by Imran Khan will only stoke more political instability and uncertainty – the benefit of which will be taken by mafias who will more rob the pockets of poor consumers.

Any interim government will not be able to better handle the situation. We also believe that under no circumstances, the PDM government will accede to the demand of PTI Chairman for general elections and political temperature will further increase in the weeks and months ahead.

In an already over-polarized society, we cannot afford political wrangling, especially at this point in time.

Whilst we will suggest the PTI Chairman to review his decision of dissolving the provincial assemblies, it is also for the government to try to engage the PTI to take the matters towards political stability.