Party workers have to make efforts to save people: Kamal


PSP censures govt’s inaction to control pandemic

Staff Reporter

Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Sunday said that the situation in the country is deteriorating at a fast pace due to Coronavirus. Particularly, in the last 11 days, the global pandemic has spread vastly in the country at an alarming rate.
The nation must stop pinning its hopes on the rulers by leaving their loved ones at the mercy of incompetent rulers in this dire situation. “We have to save our people in our own areas, that is our duty.” He said conditions are not stable, God forbid, death rate could rise sharply in the next few days and quarantine centers may be needed at UC level. He asked all PSP workers to start their preparations from today and complete the work within two days.
For this, he asked them to keep an eye on the schools and halls in their respective areas. “Don’t expect anything from the government, government representatives are nowhere to be seen today, they will not be seen even on TV, if pandemic escalated further. Part-time hospitals may have to be set up at union council level, lives of doctors and paramedical staff are at stake. Just yesterday four doctors lost their lives while fighting against the global pandemic.
“In such circumstances, even if our lives are lost, the PSP, which does not have a single representative at any government level today, will not see its people dying.”
“We are and we will continue to serve God’s creatures with a sense of devotion. The world has changed but the politicians of Pakistan have not bothered to change themselves even in these circumstances
The central and provincial governments are busy scoring points against each other. Two and a half months ago, Kamal said he had predicted that the Prime Minister, Chief Minister, MNAs, MPAs and even Deputy Commissioners could not control the spread and effects of the corona virus.
The only way to deal with this ordeal was to activate 1.5 million local government representatives through a presidential ordinance for even a few months, while the workers of all political parties should have worked under the supervision of these elected representatives. But the Prime Minister had to do politics, so he accepted half of my advice by accepting the fact that present governments can handle the ordeal and announced the formation of a new Tiger Force. He expressed these views in his speech via video link on social media platform.