Parking problem in Islamabad to be solved: SSP Traffic


Temporary and permanent parking should be set up in Marakaz: Zafar Bakhtawari

SSP Traffic Islamabad Syed Qarar Hussain has said that the traffic police of Islamabad will work to solve the issue of parking. He will visit all the mar-kets in turn.

He expressed these views during a meeting with a delegation of the business commu-nity in Islamabad at his office here today. He said that he has always tried to bring local citizens and traders along.

He will work with the citizens of Islamabad to solve Islamabad’s traffic problems. We will start touring the centers together with the officials of all the mar-kets.

ZafarBakhtawari, former president of the Is-lamabad Chamber and secretary general of the UBG, said on the occasion that the problem of park-ing in Islamabad has become serious in the last few years, which requires special attention from the traffic police.

He said that temporary and permanent parking areas should be set up in the marakaz and temporary park-ing should be reserved only for customers

All the vacant areas around the markets should be con-verted into parking lots. Saif-ur-Rehman, Chairman, Police Committee, Islamabad Chamber.

He introduced the officials of the business commu-nity of Islamabad and requested them to cooperate with the business community of Islamabad to solve the traffic problems and make Islamabad an ideal city in terms of traffic.

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