‘Parhai Caro Na’ Pakistan programme spotlighted


POWER99 Foundation’s “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” program from Pakistan featured in theHundrED Spotlight on Quality Education for All during the Coronavirus. HundrEDFinland, in collaboration with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has officially published their emergency Spotlight report on Quality Education for All During Covid-19 highlighting 30 inspiring, simple & easy to implement education solutions, including POWER99 Foundation’s educational program Broad Class – Listen to Learn “Parhai Caro Na” from Pakistan. The report emphasizes the need to support educators with simple and effective solutions during the current global pandemic. The report includes insights from the HundrED research team and perspectives from educators and students on the challenges and opportunities they are facing. POWER99 Foundation, a non-profit organization is registered with SECP. Since 2012, the organization has been implementing “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” Interactive Radio Instruction Program for improving literacy and numeracy in primary grades of public schools in ICT, KP, Balochistan and Sindh benefitting more than 200,000 students, heads/teachers, parents/communities and school council members. After school closure in Pakistan due to Covid-19, POWER99 Foundation in collaboration with partner FM radios, immediately launched distance learning educational program “Parhai Caro Na” a distance learning initiative for children to ensure continuity of educational process at ho home during coronavirus pandemic.