Parents suspect foul play in daughter’s death



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The parents of a woman who died in Pakistan ten days ago under what they believe were suspicious circumstances have appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into the case.

Chloe Devlin and Sean Devlin, the Irish parents of Kelsey Devlin, who live in Burnley near Manchester, told media in an interview that they suspect their daughter may have died unnaturally and therefore a fully independent investigation should be carried out to establish the facts.

Kelsey travelled to Pakistan on June 3 and died on June 30. Her partner Syed Atif Abbas and her children Zara Devlin, 8, and Zain Abbas, 6 travelled with her.

According to Kelsey’s parents, they had travelled out to meet Atif’s mother, who was said to have been critically ill.

They said that they contacted the British High Commission (BHC) whose staff were denied access to Kelsey when she was in hospital.

When approached, both the BHC and the UK’s Foreign Office refused to comment on the case.

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