Parents hail mobile phone ban in schools


Staff Reporter

The parents, who are imparting education to their children in Punjab, have welcomed government’s initiative to ban usage of cellular phone for students of under-6 in all public and private institutions, saying it must be implemented across the country.
The parents terming the initiative a “rational move” said it would protect their children from a number of social vices and help them attain better academic results.
The Punjab government has banned mobile phone and other gadgets of social networking at all private educational institutions on 8th November to control the drug trafficking, commended by parents while talking to a private news channel on Monday.
A senior educationist Arooma Baloch, who is mother of two school going kids, welcomed the decision and said a recent fake media report that claimed majority of students were addicts have badly affected the educational institutions reputation and this initiative would limit the chances of students getting into bad activities and help them focus on studies.
“The government would not have passed this ordinance in just the blink of an eye rather it had taken more than a year and half to monitor all the pros and cons of the social nuisance as a large number of youth was getting addicted to ice and drugs,”.

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