PARC to establish AR-cum-ARDI in North Waziristan


Our Correspondent


To cater the needs of rapidly increasing population, raising human living standards, providing employment to local people and becoming self-sufficient in food acquisition of low cost technology for agriculture, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman, PARC Islamabad will inaugurate the project of Adaptive Research cum Demonstrative Institute (ARDI), Kam Sarobi, Miranshah, District North Waziristan.
Including up-gradation of PARC-AZRC, D. I. Khan, it is the fifth institution to be set up under the PSDP Mega Project (Up-gradation of Aird Zone Research Center) at a total cost of Rs 691.564 million.
Within this PSDP mega project, PARC has set up five centers and four institutes. Officials from Pak Army, District Police Officer, Deputy Commissioner of Miranshah & North Waziristan along-with farmers of the local are the participants of the event.
Major objectives for establishment of new institute at Kam Sarobi, Miranshah, District North Waziristan includes healthy and high yielding crop varieties, Modern methods of producing more milk/meat, disease free animals breeding, introducing modern farming methods to the younger generation and local landlords and to bring modern methods of cultivation of low yielding crops and orchards. This step will bring and ensure the food security for the residents of the area.
Moreover, this move aims to highlight the importance of agricultural research in the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, including FATA (now amalgamated districts) as well as raise the living standards of the people of the local area.

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