Paradigm shift in power sector


IN what could be described as an important development and paradigm shift in the power sector, if implemented, the government has reportedly decided to slash the power tariff for the industrial sector by six rupees as well as do away with peak hour tariff of Rs 21.7 per unit for domestic consumers with the aim to provide genuine relief to the people.
          Indeed this is a step in the right direction as it will not only help utilize the idle capacity of electricity but also put the country on its ways to rapid industrialization which will trigger immense economic activity thus leading to job opportunities for our youth. The fact of the matter is that the country currently possesses the installed capacity to generate electricity more than thirty-six thousand megawatts. During the peak summer season the maximum utilization of electricity stands at twenty-three to twenty-five thousand megawatts which tumbles to twelve thousand megawatts and sometimes it reduces to eight to nine thousand megawatts. This peak hour factor when introduced the country was in deficit of electricity. But now the scenario has changed and the country is producing surplus electricity. Thus the reduction of tariff will really create an enabling environment and help attract investment in different industries leading to maximum utilization of electricity. This will also help the government to enhance its revenue and address the issue of circular debt.  Hence, there should not be any delay in implementation of this important decision.  The government must understand that it is only through the public confidence and trust it can defeat the onslaught of the opposition parties. Therefore, it must be more forthcoming in providing relief to the masses wherever possible and the reduction in power tariff will be the best gift to them. To ensure round the clock supply of power to the people and address the issue of circular debt, efforts should be expedited to reduce line losses and upgrade the transmission and distribution system. A crack down should be launched against the elements involved in power pilferage.

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