Palmolive Sindh Women’s Swimming Championship from Oct 5



The heat is on as the 27th Palmolive Sindh Women’s Swimming Championship approaches, setting the stage for one of Pakistan’s biggest female sporting event.
Organized annually by the Karachi Women’s Swimming Association (KWSA), the competition garners attention at national level as an excellent platform to encourage new talent and applaud record-breaking performances that will take Pakistan’s female swimmers to international championships.
From the inception of this mega event, Colgate Palmolive has been committed to this cause and has played and continues to play an active and unwavering role as the principal sponsor.
Palmolive takes great pride in its commitment to support this prestigious competition year after year. Giving Pakistan’s talented female swimmers a chance to display their talent and hone their skills.
The 27th Palmolive Sindh Women’s Swimming Championship 2019 provides a platform for these dedicated young girls to build their confidence in participating both at home and abroad.
Amongst many accolades, many of our young girl swimmers who have excelled at this event have won medals at the South Asian Games, South Asian Swimming Championships, and the Islamic Women’s Games. They have represented Pakistan at top international World Swimming Championship, taking in every opportunity to raise the national flag high and make Pakistan proud.
Empowering Pakistani sportswomen with the same opportunities to compete as their male counterparts, Palmolive continues to prove itself as a socially responsible brand. Palmolive has been playing an invaluable role in developing swimming as a sport in Pakistan for over two decades now as it strongly believes in women’s ability to go for gold in achieving, succeeding and breaking records.
Open to female participants across Sindh, the 27thPalmolive Sindh Women’s Swimming Championship 2019 will be held on 5th – 6th October, 2019 at the Karachi Gymkhana.—PR

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