Paktika residents injured in earthquake evacuated to Khost



Some residents of Paktika who were injured in the earthquake that has affected the southeast provinces have been evacuated to Khost province.

The medical teams have been treating the wounded at Khost airport.

The acting Minister of Interior, Sirajuddin Haqqani, who visited the Khost province, told reporters that the Islamic Emirate’s officials have been ordered to accelerate the aid process to the vulnerable.

“The process of aid distribution has been running since midnight. The leader of the Islamic Emirate (Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada) also sent his teams to ramp up the aid process,” he said.

Meanwhile, the department of Public Health of Khost said that the people wounded in the earthquake have been brought to the provincial airport.

“A medical team arrived from Pakistan and helped us treat the wounded. If the wounded are not treated here, we take them to the central hospital,” said Abdul Rahman Zahid, deputy head of the Khost Health department.

The relatives of the wounded urged the relevant organizations to increase their support.

“We call on the responsible organizations to treat the wounded and provide us with support,” said Abdullah Noor, a resident of Paktika.

This comes as a humanitarian aid package provided by the UAE has arrived in Khost province.—Tolonews

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