Pak’s solidarity with KSA


PAKISTAN’S solidarity with the brotherly country – Saudi Arabia – is abiding and nothing can shake it.

At a time when the Kingdom is facing immense criticism from its longstanding ally, the United States, over oil cut production, our Foreign Office, issued a statement on Tuesday in support of the KSA appreciating its concerns about avoiding market volatility and ensuring global economic stability.

In our view, the accusations emanating from Washington DC against Saudi Arabia are totally ungrounded and in fact carry no logic whatsoever.

The fact of the matter is that the decision of cutting oil production was not taken unilaterally by Saudi Arabia but the entire OPEC grouping.

It was a consensus decision on the part of the OPEC, hence, singling out the Kingdom will not be correct.

Then, everybody has the right to make decisions that serve their interests. The US also has been doing this over the last many decades.

For the protection of its interests, Washington has bombed several countries, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

It will be better for the United States to shun the policy of pressure and coercion as we are no longer living in a unipolar world.

The US administration must realize that Saudi Arabia is their long-term ally and their interests are closely linked with each other.

Both the countries have a history of cooperation which has immensely contributed to peace and stability in the Middle Eastern Region.

As also stated by our Foreign Office, there is a need for a constructive approach on such issues based on engagement and mutual respect.

We really appreciate the very mature and calculated response of Saudi officials to Washington’s accusations and this reflects that the Kingdom does not want to harm this relationship.

Better sense must prevail on the other side. As regards Pakistan, our people will always stand by their Saudi brothers and sisters regardless of changes that are taking place at global level.

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia need to further strengthen their cooperation in diverse fields to take this relationship to new heights. Doing so will serve the interests of both the countries.


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