Pakistan’s Mother Languages festival concludes


Writers, poets representing different languages discuss contemporary literature

This festival of Pakistan’s mother languages concluded on Sunday would serve to promote literature in different Pakistani languages. During the three day event, poets, writers representing different Pakistani languages met one another and discussed contemporary literature and trends.

Parliamentary Secretary for National Heritage and Culture Division, Ghazala Saifi who was the chief guest at the inaugural ceremony of 3-Day Pakistan’s Mother Languages Festival was of the view it was important for poets and writers to sit together and learn from one another. The festival was jointly organized by the PAL, Indus Cultural Forum and UNDP.

Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL, Munawar Hassan Wassan, Chairman Indus Cultural Forum and Mr. Knut Ostby, Resident Representative, UNDP Pakistan also addressed the function. Nasir Abbas Nayyar presented a keynote address on the subject. Eminent media personality Tauseeq Haider was the moderator.

Ghazala Saifi said, “I am very pleased to be among the writers at the three-day Pakistani Language Festival organized jointly by the PAL and the Indus Cultural Forum. Writers waged war against ignorance with the pen and conveyed the message of uniting hearts. She said that Pakistani languages formed a bouquet of National Language.

Dr. Yousuf Khushk, Chairman, PAL gave an overview of the situation of mother tongues and the situation of Pakistani languages. He said that 80 languages are spoken in Pakistan out of which 27 languages are in danger of extinction.

Munawar Hassan Memon, Chairman Indus Cultural Forum and Mr. Knut Ostby, UNDP spoke on the importance of Pakistani languages and their promotion.

Life Achievement Awards were distributed at the end of the ceremony. Ghazala Saifi, Parliamentary Secretary, Knut Ostby, Dr Yousuf Khushk and Munawar Memon distributed awards among eminent writers including Zahida Hina (Urdu), Darvish Durrani (Pashto), Shiraz Tahir (Pothohari), Ghani Parwaz (Balochi), Parveen Malik (Punjabi), Dr. Nasrullah Nasir (Seraiki), Noorul Huda Shah (Sindhi), Asif Saqib (Hindko) ), Gul Bangalzai (Brahui) and Hassan Hasrat (Balti).

On the third day (Sunday), the event “Translations in Urdu from Pakistani Mother Languages” was presided over by Dr. Nasrullah Nasir. Amir Haider Baguro, Ismatullah Damili, Javed Iqbal Torwali, Inamullah, Bharumal Amrani, Prof. Mir Hassan Athal and Malik Nasir Dawood spoke on the occasion. Sadia Kamal was the moderator.

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